Edge Convenience - Defining the Horizon Convenience: Todays consumers extpect it, Edge Convenience delivers it. Experience: building distribution and long-term profitable growth Connecting: go-to-market strategies that introduce brands to consumers Innovation: meeting the needs and goals of wholesalers and retailers Get the Edge: stay relevant with todays convenience-minded consumers

Edge Convenience has been connecting manufacturers with their customers since 1994.

Founded in 1994, our vision is to help our client-partners create viable programs that increases their sales and margins in the convenience channel. We are a sales driven company; everything we do focuses on building distribution and long-term profitable growth for the client-partners we have the privilege to represent. Consumers continue to redefine the concept of "convenience," and we strive earnestly to meet this challenge by updating our offerings and marketing strategies to stay relevant to the current savvy, "Media-Centric" consumer.

Edge Convenience is a leading sales and marketing company in the convenience channel that supports our client-partners to define and create a go-to market strategy that launches new items and programs focused on the convenience-minded consumer. For two decades, manufacturers have trusted Edge Convenience to connect their brands with consumers. Acknowledged by the industry, Edge Convenience's extensive knowledge of the convenience channel, it's experiences with retailers and wholesalers have created great success over the past 20 years. At Edge Convenience, we value the opportunity to meet the needs and achieve the goals of our client-partners in the diverse and growing convenience channel.

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