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Unlike the grocery, mass merchandise and foodservice industries, which are mature channels with established models of success, the convenience channel is unique and continues to evolve. Edge Convenience's unsurpassed knowledge and understanding of the unique aspects of the C-store market enable us to develop effective sales strategies that successfully reach the C-store customer.

The C-store consumer is more comfortable in a Home Depot or Lowes than a grocery store. Their buying habits can be defined as hunting rather than a planned trip with a shopping list.

For the past 20 years Edge Convenience has been fortunate to represent many recognized brands in the c-store industry. Our success has come by our close working relationships with our Manufacturer Partners. Our team collaborates with Manufacturers to create effective customized sales strategies and programs our Retail Customers are able to execute and Wholesale customers are able to move through their distribution centers. The bottom-line: we work with our manufacturer partners to ensure items fit what is seen as "convenient" to the consumer and to achieve or surpass sales objectives.

Edge Convenience has invested greatly in our back office support infrastructure. Our technologies and well-managed processes allow all paperwork, deductions and promotions to go through our corporate office freeing our sales force to do what they do best... sell your products. Not only is it convenient for the consumer to buy your products, it's convenient for you to sell them.

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