Retailers have seen the definition of convenience change over the years. Technology has changed how they do business today, how they place orders, what items they stock and how they manage their day-to-day operations. Technology has also allowed them to move into new markets and consolidate groups of stores while reducing overhead. At the same time, retail management struggles to staff their stores with trained labor as our industry suffers from high turnover.

In this ever changing world of the C-store industry, retailers are seeking relevant items and programs that fit today’s definition of convenience.

Edge Convenience's experience and proven track record in the c-store industry has served our retailers by creating programs that have resulted in increased foot traffic and sales. With Edge Convenience's unsurpassed knowledge and understanding of the unique aspect of the C-store market, we are able to develop programs that successfully reach the C-store customer. Our experienced sales team works with all the major chain headquarters, as their category captains, to assist in developing programs that result in increased sales and profitability.

Edge Convenience also supports over 70 Wholesalers' seasonal trade-shows annually with the specific intent of being an ally for smaller independent retailers. We utilize these shows to launch new items and provide promotional support to the independent retailers.

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